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Packaging social worlds: Micro- and macro-social replication in mass-mediated discourse

Jill Hallett (2009)

A revised version of this article has been published in Text and Talk:

Hallett, Jill. 2013. Constructing “Remorse”: The preparation of social discourses for public consumption. Text and Talk 33(2): 189-212.

The article can be now found online here: link

For the purpose of historical continuity (such as in the case of locating a specific page in a citation to the original publication), you can see the details of the original file here: link. However, due to copyright restrictions, the full text document is only accessible for users with a University of Illinois account. If for some reason you specifically need access to this older version of the article, you are welcome to contact us; be aware that we expect that you will have already acquired the newer article such as by purchasing it through the publisher or accessing it through a subsciption at your university's library. Although the new alticle represents an updated version, the content from the original article is effectively represented. Please refer to that version for new citations and other references.

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